Good brand tOuch - ECC

My missus says my 20 year old Muddy Fox is not fit for sticking our three year old daughter on the back to ride pillion. So I’ve had to park the trusty boneshaker I’ve been riding for donkey’s in favour of a newer model. No, not the wife, the bike. Handily, there’s an Edinburgh Cycle Cooperative just up the road from me, full of extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff – you can tell they don’t take people on who aren’t geekishly into bikes. Apparently, all new bikes need tweaking and adjusting after six weeks and I was told to expect a postcard through my door on a certain date informing me that my free maintenance check was due.

True to their word and bang on time, ECC sent my reminder and now all I have to do is take my new baby in, discuss any issues and they’ll tweak it to perfect running order. They build up their email and postal database every time a new customer tips up but they also use it, not to pester previous customers, but to offer value, which of course reinforces the fact that a new bike is not just for the first six weeks, but for life.