It was only a matter of time

As posted on the great Adverblog, there’s a lot of hoo-haa going on about the supposed ad from DDB Brazil for WWF, and more discussion around the never-forgotten 9/11 outrage and tsunami disaster. It started life as a print ad but now a full commercial has reared its very ugly head, which isn't making things any easier for WWF.

Well it’s certainly getting people talking – one of the main objectives of many campaigns – and I couldn’t help but be sucked in to the debate.

Extremely bad taste or not (and personally I agree with the people who say this subject should not be touched out of respect for every single person affected by the 9/11 tragedy) the concept does not work for this reason:

The fact that our planet is supremely powerful is not reason enough to take care of it. The reasons we should take care of our planet are manifold including the fact it's our home for generations to come, it's home to just about every other living thing we know and as well as being beautiful in some places, it needs our undivided attention in many other areas.

Adolf Hitler was powerful for God's sake - should we have taken care of him? 'Yeah, too bloody right we should have taken care of him' I hear you cry, 'before he got chance to take care of himself'. Ill-thought-through concept I'm afraid, as well as being poor taste in the extreme. And talking of Hitleresque bad taste you could argue my latest YouTube shenanigans is bad taste. Does the fact that this human tragedy happened many more years ago make lampooning now acceptable? You decide.