Not so good brand tOuch - LCC

At my age, a certain condition takes over your body that forces you to peek out of the window every now and then. The other morning, it was bin collection day, which rather excitingly, gave me extra incentive for a bit of curtain twitching.

There was my green bin being duly emptied but then I clapped eyes on our neighbour’s being somewhat pillaged and one or two items thrown onto the grass verge by the grump in the dayglo jacket. When I finally got my sorry self ready for work and out onto the drive I noticed the said items weren’t of the correct recyclable nature. Okay, fair enough, slightly naughty neighbour, but come on, don’t people pay their taxes to get some sort of customer service on a human level? Surely a service that expects people to behave like robots could quite easily be performed by robots.

I’d love to get my hands on the Leeds City Council brand because like every other Council in the land, it’s an organisation that has the opportunity to touch so many people’s lives in a positive way but just as many chances to make a bit of a mess of it.